With the increasing number of new products coming to the market, it is important to make your product stand out among all other competitors.

One of the proven and effective way is to expose greater brand awareness through utilization of attractive merchandises complemented with well-known characters.

Our highly experienced team will team up with you to create unique promotional merchandising campaign or promotional tie-in activities.

Our Approach

Requirement Gathering


Customer survey
Client taget KPI
Customer FGD
Final merchandise & Mechanism

ROI Assessment


Merchandise Selection
App Development
POP/POS Development
Calculation of ROI with target sales



Goods Dispersion
App Marketing
Store Awareness & Activities
Performance Monitoring

Post Campaign


Sellout Period
Next Campaign Planning based on lesson learned

Character Based

We collaborate with international brands to strengthen your promotional campaigns. Some of our major partners are The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Hasbro, etc.

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Merchandise Ranges

Our range of merchandises include: 

Houseware products such as tumbler, mug, lunch box, etc. 

Printed products such as notebook, stickers, card, brochure, etc. 

Rubber products such as keychain, bracelet, etc. 

Bags and Apparel such as jackets, tshirts,  bags, pouches, etc

Gadgets and accessories such as phone case, laptop sleeve, etc. And many others.


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Success Stories


Gojek Collaboration with Starwars The Force Awaken in December 2017-January 2018. Break the apps record on points redeem for our Starwars merchandises sold out in number of days only causing multiple repeat order of the same merchandises on the same month.


Yoshinoya has been develop most of their merchandises with us for the past two years, following our high standard merchandises and quality guarantee we have been trusted to design and produce merchandise using their own characters.


Tango Promotion with Disney Tazos exceed initial calculation order of 20 million tazos to over 175 millions to fulfill their 6 months promotion period due to high demand in the market.


JD.ID has been our local customer since 2017, starting with Black Panther movie follow with all Disney Marvel merchandise after, we are now not only produce license promotion merchandise for them but also their regular corporate gift.


We have been working with Shopee to create hype of major DC Heroes campaign since 2018, the process start from evaluating properties suitable for their market, concepting and designing the merchandises up to production of all the related merchandises.


On 2021 We manage to develop the Minion Tumbler for Chatime create special menu for Minion's Collaboration, which raise their sales and make them become our local customer from 2021. The Collective merchandise become hype and Success.


We already been working with Disney+ Hotstar from 2020. Providing their Merchandise and Hampers for Influencer/artists. it's said very effective during Disney+ Hotstar launch which makes their sales increasing and going viral. reaching more than 1 mio people.


Over 73,000 pcs Seasonal Pouches for their ASEAN Region Country. On 2019 - 2020 Christmas and Chinese New Year Pouches were shipped to Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, and Philippines. And had order 300,000 pcs Green Package for Eid Mubarak Season. Our factory also passed Ferrero audit & Our products passed their test lab in Hong Kong.


“Kopi Tuku”, a coffee shop, a pioneer of Palm Sugar Coffee. We work alongside Tuku in August 2022. With Disney & Pixar Characters we create successful story for Tuku, in January Tuku reordered the merchandise collaboration with Disney & Pixar Character.