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Never Too Old Project

Never Too Old – Project is a creative collaboration project between Indonesian local brand and international licensed characters.

Never Too Old – Project is a “melting pot” for the millenials to express themselves, using local brand and their favorite characters.

We combine the strengths of international IPs and local brands, infusing fresh ideas and product innovations catering to the young millenials.

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Success Stories

Never Too Old Project at Pasar Nusantara 2018

Built with a love of international character and also the potential of local designers, Never Too Old Project was presented in Indonesia as a platform connecting local brands in collaboration with international characters through a licensing system. Never Too Old Project provides an offline and online platform for consumers to get the best local products. Launched in August 2018, the Never Too Old Project presents the Snoopy license in Indonesia - further providing opportunities for local brands to collaborate and consumers to own the Snoopy collection. Never Too Old Project X Snoopy and Friends collaborated with Dear Me Beauty, Erigo, Flamingo Rattan, Ittaherl, Olin Label, Ride Inc., Sinau Socks, Amara Studio, Visval Bags, and Woodka.